The Star Hotel is one of the best hotels in Valletta, Malta.


Here you may read what our customers say about us.
Emma Rossini 19.Dez.2019
Great food,staff very efficient and friendly, and overall a terrific night !
Kate Elrond 18.Mrz.2019
Great service, amazing food. Similar prices to most italian restaurants but in my opinion this is the absolute winner. 
John Yates 17.Jun.2015
Very great food and an awesome service. One of the best places in Rome.
Alain Debor 22.Okt.2019
First time been there and food was excellent and so were staff. 
Kate Dermon 22.Okt.2019
Nice hangout place if you fancy some nice Italian food. The staff were lovely with excellent service.
Ben Alridge 22.Okt.2019
Everything was so delicious, all of us cleared our plates. The atmosphere is great too, very relaxed and enjoyable. 
Maria Kelling 22.Okt.2019
Excellent food and great welcome from our host Angelina. 
Eddie Brikovich 22.Okt.2019
I visited the restaurant in January. Great atmosphere, brilliant and attentive service and tasty, healthy food. Absolutely loved it! 
Emma Ivy 22.Okt.2019
Great food, reasonable prices. Sunday buffet is great value and high quality dishes. 
Laura Federova 22.Okt.2019
I could list every element to be found in a great hotel and then say that at this hotel they are all delivered excellently and flawlessly!
Emma Ivy 22.Okt.2019
The best customer service and care experience after visiting a couple of the top hotels in the world.  
Emma Ivy 22.Okt.2019
One of my favourite restaurants in Rome. If you like good food cooked the authentic Italian way then give it a try.
Emma Ivy 22.Okt.2019
Great place with very friendly staff! Would like to see more a variety of vegetarian food though. 
Ross Aldin 23.Okt.2019
Fantastic staff make you feel so welcome! Definitely recommend coming here!